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West Bridgford Academy
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School calendar

Formerly West Bridgford Comprehensive School and prior to that the West Bridgford Grammar. The school has been believed to be one of the main drivers of high local house prices due to its academic success. The schools prospectus and publicity materials have been criticized for the relentless white middle class imagery. In 2016/2017 the schools status and the premier academic institution seems to have been overtaken by the old Rushcliffe Technical Grammar, now the Rushcliffe Academy.

In 2014 in the drive for aggrandizement through growth, the school took over the management of the Mill Hill School, some 20 miles away in Ripley Derbyshire. In the public consultation prior to the takeover 80% of parents felt there would be no academic benefit and voted against the proposal. One of the benefits of the takeover was apparently in securing better staff retention through the ability to enhance senior staff roles and salaries.

The school has recently extended its catchment across the Nottingham City Boundary to include Wilford village and so compete with new Emmanuel and Becket secondary schools..

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