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Take-away Food in West Bridgford

The problem I have with take away food in West Bridgford is not just with quality, it's mainly quite good, and unlike the restaurants, never awful but the price. I lived briefly in the states and the price from takeaways was gob smacking to a Brit. Meals for a dollar 99c in some cases. The point was with high turnover and low overheads it was cheaper to buy takeways than fresh food. Now I'm not advocating Taco Bell in Bridgford (though if replace McDonalds I would cheer) but how can it be that a meal from a takeway is as dear as in many Restaurants and more expensive than those in Pubs? This stuff is unlikely to anything other than boil in bag stuff from major catering suppliers.

The quality of some popular microwaveable dishes available from Iceland particularly is now as good as that from the takeways.

Do it yourself takeaways in West Bridgford

By far the best takeaway option in Bridgford at present is I think Cook. An excellent range of quality frozen meals at reasonable prices. I do think they have there opening hours wrong though. I'm sure they know their own business best but I would have thought that they need to target those returning from work between 5pm and 8pm who are thinking CBA in regard of dinner. There is nothing else quite like it so they get a category on their own.

Cook42 Gordon Rd. NG2 5LN981 2595

Chinese Takeaway in West Bridgford

The Big Bamboo38 Gordon Rd. NG2 5LN
The China Garden181B Loughborough Rd. NG2 7JR
The Double 7 Cantonese Takeaway75, Melton Rd. NG2 6EN981 6228
The Golden Bridge16 Musters Rd, NG2 7PL981 1118
Good Food GamstonUnit C, Ambleside, NG2 6PS982 1818
The Orient Cantonese26 Gordon Rd. NG2 5EN982 2875
The Oriental (Fine Cantonese)|el: 011 Rectory Rd. NG2 6BG||981 8188| ^Oriental Express (Nottingham) Ltd|Unit 10, Compton Acres, NG2 7RS|981 3353| ^[[|The Oriental Takeaway14 Rectory Rd. NG2 5BG981 8188

Fish & Chips in West Bridgford

Chip shops these days vary in quality from not only with changes of management but also from hour to hour as they try to sustain long opening hours with inconsistent customer flows. The best fish and chips I ever ate were cooked in dripping in Aldeburgh. A notice would be stuck in the windo saying “Frying Tonight” and by 5.30 there would be a queue going right around the block waiting for opening time. Frying and serving was fast and continuous for several hours. The quality was always the same from day to day and year to year. But your not going to go all that way for fish and chips from West Bridgford. George's serves skinless fish and can be excellant but sometimes is not. The cooking temperatures in vegetable oil are I think too low so the end product tends to be oily and is orrible if its not fresh out the fryer. A lot of fish these days also tastes slightly chlorinated which I assume is from the water it's washed in.

The Lady Bay Fish bar I have always found to be the most consistent quality and also does skinless fish. The shorter opening hours probably help in this respect.

The Bridgford Chippy is currently quite good and offers a discount for all working in the Health Services.

The Bridgford Chippy3 Gordon Rd. NG2 5LP981 1777
The Bridgford Fish Bar39 Radcliffe Rd, NG2 5FF981 3031
The Lady Bay Fish & Chips108 Trent Blvd, NG2 5BL982 0658
The Rectory Fish Bar16 Rectory Rd. NG2 6BG981 9352
George's Tradition95 Melton Rd, NG2 6EN981 2998
The Wolds Fish Bar187 Loughborough Rd, NG2 7JR982 0072

Indian Takeaway in West Bridgford

Indian Nights77 Melton Road,NG2 6EN981 7400
Bombay Bridgford1A Radcliffe Rf. NG2 5FF981 7565
Chillis West Bridgford100 Trent Boulevard, NG2 5BL981 5222

Pizza Takeaway in West Bridgford

I have never found much to choose between pizza outlets and tend to go for the cheapest. I note that the Bridgford Chippy now also does pizza and that would be my first stop. My son however assures me there is nothing to rival Domino's, other than my own home cooked (I made that last bit up, he seems to enjoy the home cooked version, and I do mean home cooked, making the dough and everything, not the shop bought stuff cooked at home, but he's never actually said it is as good as Domino's.)

I haven't tried Pranzo's and I am confused as to what it wants to be. “Italian Food to Go”? “Why not have a roast turkey and stuffing sandwich?”. Looks like a Pizza menu with sides and a lasagna option. Closes at 9pm so you might be better off going to ASDA, for Pizza or indeed a turkey sarnie.

Cafe PizzaTrent Bridge, NG2 5FB981 1811
Domino's21 Radcliffe Rd. NG2 5FF982 5577
Pappa John's116 Melton Rd. NG2 6EPi982 5252
Pizza Hut1 Gordon Road, NG2 5LN945 5566
Pranzo (Italian?)93a Melton Rd.NG2 6EN981 2365
Trent Bridge Spice Pizza23 Radcliffe Rd. NG2 5FF981 7508

Thai Takeaway in West Bridgford

Siam House195 Loughborough Rd, NG2 7JR981 4455
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