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Supermarkets in West Bridgford

Once upon a time ASDA (Associated Dairies) was the GEM and touted as the biggest supermarket in Europe. Then it had a smaller floor area everything was stacked high in cardboard boxes. Now owned by the American company Walmart the floor area is expanded and there is a second floor, but I suspect it is now only the largest supermarket in West Bridgford, and sadly it no longer sells American DC and Marvel comics which were my chief reason for going there as an adolescent. ASDA has the longest opening hours often claiming 24 hour opening but this does vary with public holidays and Sunday trading laws.

The Co-op used to be a horrible place with a blank wall fronting the street and a side entrance aimed primarily at the car park and the motorist. Co-op is now much improved with a store front to Bridgford Road. It stocks a suprisingly large range of food stuffs for a small store, has terric opening hours, is home to the main postoffice and has the the Welsh clothing retailer “Peacocks” in store. (I say Welsh as the headquarters is now in Cardiff but I believe Frank Peacock started the enterprise in Warrington.) It is reassuring to know that “Peacocks” is a reference to the owners family name rather than a style of dressing. Bring back the divi number I say. At least now you do need to be a member to enjoy a share of the profits.

Morrisons greengrocery and fish markets are a joy.

The Cooperative

ASDALoughborough Rd. NG2 7JA969420024 hour


Iceland26 Tudor Sq. NG2 6BT981 03248-7
MorrisonsGamston, NG2 6PS7-11

It should perhaps be mentioned that the remarkable B&M is just accross the river in Ladybay trading park and a little further down the road is Liddle.

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