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Restaurants in West Bridgford

Might be worth trying Escabeche,La Storia or the Marigold, which are, I think independent restaurants.

There are no chinese restaurants at all now. The Oriental Pearl which has had a chequered history as it pursued trends over excellance, is now the ChinChin, Pan Asian but remains focused on being another haunt for the heavy drinking over 30s on the pull.

Well that didn't last long. Chinchin has been replaced with the imaginatively named Fourty Fourty, which appears to be a burger joint with gimmicks. The rear half of the premises to be an amusement arcade but I may be wrong.

I can't eat fats of any kind, olive oil, butter, beef dripping, rape seed oil for the sake of my health I have to avoid them all. Having met the manager outside the Marigold one day he convinced me that they could cook a meal for me without oil and finally we tried it out the other day. The food was pretty good and well presented, there was no trace of oil in my Daal Khari Special. My wifes Tikka Masala was sweeter than she expected but that I think is due to my home cooking. It was a very long wait for service but in fairness we had gone at Eid al-Adha and with 2 staff short they were finding it a struggle. My special request must have been a nightmare. I find all restaurant prices excessive these days, its difficult if not impossible to justify £55 on a single meals when your income is below the tax threshold. The Marigold does offer a 25% discount to residents of West Bridgford. While I can't say say that the food really excelled it was cetainly rated good, the staff were among the most friendly and helpful I've ever met and if I can raise the cash I would go again.

Chinese Restaurants in West Bridgford

Wu (nothing)

Continental Restaurants in West Bridgford

Not sure if Cuzina should even be in here, what the devil is an “eatery”, sounds like a road side lorry drivers cafe to me, I'll perhaps move it to Pubs and Bars when I get round to that section.

The Mud Crab is muched loved by many. I have been there several times and find the food to be truly awful.

Ala Turka nudges ahead of Copper for the worst web site award but it does promise a 20% discount untill January (20/4/2017). It is of course possible that they mean January 2017 but might be worth asking.

Ala Turka Meze/MangalUnit 7 Compton Acres Shopping Centre, NG2 7RSInfo9819819
Carluccio's (Italian)20 Central Ave. NG2 5GR981 6390
Cote Brasserie (French-ish)Central Avenue, NG2 5GRWestBridgford981 3558
Cuzina Bar & Eatery25 Radcliffe Rd. NG2 5FFInfo914 5566
Escabeche Tapas Bar27, Bridgford Rd. NG2 6AUInfo981 7010
La Storia - Italian Restaurant12 Musters Rd. NG2 7PL914 3813

Indian Restaurants in West Bridgford

I used to go the Shalimar quite often, many years ago but following an occasion upon which my wife's meal was found to contain a number of large dead flies I was never quite able to recover sufficiently to visit again. It was reported to Food Standards but they found that as the meals are bought in it was uncertain whether the flies got in at the suppliers or during preparation in the kitchen. In either event they were likely to be well cooked and did not present a hazard to health. Don't let me put you off, it was several years ago. The Shalimar's web site say's it is now taking Christmas bookings (20/4/2017) but I wouldn't count on it as the most “Recent news” is from 1/05/2013 when celebrations of their 35th anniversary was announced.

Bombay Bridgford1A Radcliffe Rd. NG2 5FFenquiries981 7565
Chakh Le India6 TrentHouse, Trent Bridge NG2 5GNInfo914 0038
Chillis100 Trent Blvd. NG2 5BL981 5222
Marigold40 Gordan Rd. NG2 5LNMarigoldRestaurant874 0282
Shalimar Tandoori6 Tudor Sq. NG2 6BT0758 376 1279
Taj Lounge19 Radcliffe Rd. NG2 5FFBookings981 5500

Pizza Restaurants in West Bridgford

Fire & Ice is now closed and the site up for rent.

Cafe PizzaTrent Bridge, NG2 5FB981 1811
Fire and Ice40 Bridgford Rd.i 6APGone already
Pizza Express72 Bridgford Rd. NG2 6AP981 4002

Populist Restaurants in West Bridgford

I've classed those restaurants that attempt to include any fashionable dish around on their menus as populist. Probably this is unfair to McDonalds as it did create its own style and ambience but it has diversified much in more recent years and so got uprated to “populist”.

Copper I visited a couple of times, the service is marginally quicker (relatively) than the dark and gloomy website which tells me incidentally that the upstairs lounge is a “grown up environment” with the obvious acknowledgment that the downstairs bar isn't. Presumably, as it serves booze, it must be at least post adolescent?

Yumacha reaches new heights of catholicism by trying to cover all bases with just the logo, Yumachi Tapas Brasserie Bar (OMG). I've never been in, so what do I know, it might reach new pinnacles of culinary excellence.

Copper21-23 Central Ave. NG2 5GQ
Mud Crab Industries3 Central Ave. NG2 6AP981 9000
McDonalds (Burgers +)55s Radcliffe Rd. NG2 5FX981 4122
Fourty Four (Cocktail Bar and Kitchen)44-46 Bridgford Rd. NG2 6APrestaurants945 5048
Yumacha Tapas Brasserie17 Central Ave. NG2 5GQInfo981 1400

Thai Restaurants in West Bridgford

Siam House195 Loughborough Rd, NG2 7JR981 4455
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