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 ===== The News in West Bridgford ===== ===== The News in West Bridgford =====
 +=== July 2018 - The end of planning constraints in West Bridgford ===
 +This monstrous great concrete and glass box that dominates the skyline and provides a picture window to all the neighboring gardens was not required to go through planning consent by Rushcliffe Borough Council. Because it contains concrete and glass the planners deemed that the construction was broadly similar to that of the beams and stucco of the Edwardian frontage. Nor was creation of a 2nd floor deemed to be a significant change in the shape of the roof. The local residents were not given the opportunity to comment, still less object and the build went ahead under permitted development.
 +Interestingly the wooden framed windows and juliet balcony next door went through a 2 year planning process. Consent was denied and only after a Department of Environment review was consent granted. One can only speculate on what kinds of influence might have been brought to bear.
 +Surprisingly it appears our Green Councillors support the officers'​ decision.
 +I think from this point forward we can assume that no one in Bridgford will have to concern themselves with planning consent for any development.
-{{ https://​​_data/​i/​upload/​2018/​10/​04/​20181004110356-32e8caff-me.jpg?​600x900}}+[[https://​​picture.php?/​6125/​category/​291|{{ https://​​_data/​i/​upload/​2018/​10/​04/​20181004110356-32e8caff-me.jpg?​600x900}}]]
 === August 30th 2018 - Air Ambulance at Environment Agency === === August 30th 2018 - Air Ambulance at Environment Agency ===
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