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The News in West Bridgford


Air Ambulance at Environment Agency August 30th 2018

There was much police activity and the Air Ambulance Service in attendance on the river bank at the rear of the Environment Agency in West Bridgford today. What was it all about? Haven't a clue.

Thursday 19th Jan

Two trees were brought down by high winds on Thursday night. Bit of puzzle really in my garden the other side of wooden fence from the park a plastic watering can got blown over and a couple of pieces of litter blew onto the back lawn. More explicable were the trees that came down on the old railway embankment by Bridge Fields. Shallow rooted and covered in ivy there are always one or two trees that come down if the wind gets much stronger than a stiff breeze.


Tuesday 12th Sept

photo.fulford.net_i.php_upload_2018_01_24_20180124185326-a902e556-la.jpgMany have been puzzled by the bent park gate to the top of Albert Road. The stop flange of the gate had been forced into the 'H' channel of the jamb preveting it from opening. I believe the gate was rammed by a golf cart trapped inside the park and here's why.

I was playing tennis under portable floodlights during an Active Ace training session when a young man came racing down to the gate in a golf buggy. He was dissappointed to find that the gate was locked. He asked the tennis coach if he knew how he could get out. “I've stolen this cart and the police are chasing me”. After this exchanged he turned around and headed for the Albert Road gate at speed. Very soon after he came back stopped the cart in front of the left hand gate to the footpath between Bridgford Road and Edward Road and jumped over. When the police turned up they knew nothing of the stolen cart and said they wern't chasing anyone but had had a report of damage at the park. Presumably not local lads they had no idea where the nearest golf clubs were. I volunteered Edwalton Golf Club and a card found in the cart appeared to confirm this.

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