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 [[http://​​picture.php?/​2818/​category/​130|{{ http://​​_data/​i/​upload/​2017/​07/​03/​20170703121558-79284e69-la.jpg?​600x400 |Prom in Park 2017 }}]] [[http://​​picture.php?/​2818/​category/​130|{{ http://​​_data/​i/​upload/​2017/​07/​03/​20170703121558-79284e69-la.jpg?​600x400 |Prom in Park 2017 }}]]
 +===== Grantham Canal =====
 +33 miles lonh, the Grantham Canal was completed in 1797 with the primary purpose to carry coal from Nottingham to Grantham. Just 33 years later the profits ​ of the canal were under threat from the railways. 1850 saw the opening of the Grantham to Nottingham railway and by 1861 the canal fell under the control of the railway company.
 +A Closure Act was passed in 1936 with the proviso that that a 2 foot level of water must remain. In the 1950s 28 of the bridges over the canal were flattened to facilitate road improvements with the water flow being preserved through concrete pipes. By 1969 with the structure failing the canal became officially "​remaindered.
 +There is now a very active restoration society with ambitions to restore the whole length of the canal to navigability. Meanwhile the stretches of waterway that run through West Bridgford form lush and peaceful habitats spoiled by often difficult and unsightly road crossings.
 +==== Fauna ====
 +There are a pair of swans that return to the Grantham Canal in Lady Bay each year to nest. This year (2018) they have produced nine signets. There were 10 eggs but only 9 hatched. I was luck enough to be around at some of the key stages in the nesting and rearing stages and you can click through the images below to see an awful lot of pictures of these elegant fowl.
 +|[[http://​​picture.php?/​5109/​category/​250|{{ http://​​_data/​i/​upload/​2018/​05/​15/​20180515230725-bcc7afbd-me.jpg?​360x240 |Counting the eggs 7th May }}]]|[[http://​​picture.php?/​5416/​category/​253|{{ http://​​_data/​i/​upload/​2018/​06/​11/​20180611214646-9c83c68d-sm.jpg?​360x240 |Counting the chicks 17th May }}]]| I was fascinated to learn that it was cob sitting on the eggs and the pen that sought to drive me away. |
 +Other common birds on the canal are Coots, Mallard Ducks, Moorhens and Greylag Geese. On a walk from Radcliffe Road to Morrisons you may expect to see them all. On occasion you may also see a Heron. The Heron has been adopted as the symbol of the Lady Bay area of Bridgford.
 ===== Neighborhoods ===== ===== Neighborhoods =====
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